Among the Innocent

At the time of writing there are exactly six days until the gaming expo rAge JHB 2015 starts, and that terrifies me. I’ll be showing an early (pre-alpha) demo of Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale there, and I thought I’d catch you up with the game’s progress and the state of the demo. The demo for… Read More


Or “I really enjoy using cliches as headings”   Cliche as it may be (hah!), the idea of a man not being an island, and me indeed being a person with man parts, fits pretty well with my plan to turn game development into a career. When I began this journey a few months ago… Read More

Among the Innocent

Or, “why the hell should you care about Among the Innocent“. I prefer the second version, but I’ve been told that putting the word “hell” into the heading kills SEO ranking… gotta get those Internet points! If you’re reading this post then that means you want to know a little more about Among the Innocent, or… Read More

Among the Innocent early WIP

  Hi, my name is Geoff, founder of Zero Degrees Games. Some folk in South Africa might know me as “GeometriX”, editor of the recently closed NAG magazine. When I joined NAG over seven years ago, I left a position as a 3D animator at a small studio to chase my dream of working in the games industry. I… Read More