It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’d apologise for my lack of official blog posts (I’m quite frequently active on Twitter), but then we’d both just feel awkward because you know I’ve been working so hard on the dev side of things that I just haven’t had time. At least, that’s what you’d politely assume, and if you did so, you’d be totally right.

After chatting with a number of third-parties (publishers, distributors, and the like), I came to the realisation that the visuals in Among the Innocent were stuck a little too far in the past. Sure, the gameplay is reminiscent of oldschool point-and-click adventure games, but I don’t want the game to look dated, despite the huge challenge of doing this all myself. And so I set out to update nearly all of the artwork for the game – mostly just in terms of the textures, but a few models were retouched as well. I also spent a bit more time on the user interface, trying to bring it closer to a “finished product” than it was. (Hint: it was miles from a finished product). I’m now following a fully Substance-based (PBR) pipeline for all of the artwork.


And here we are: I’m re-releasing the alpha demo, dubbed v4, with all of the updated visuals, to better represent how the game will look when it’d done. I also tuned up some of the gameplay within the cabin, because I can’t seem to let go of some things (apparently that’s called QA, so I’m on the safe side of obsessive behaviour).

There’s plenty more to talk about with the development of the Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale, and I’d love to sit here all evening and type out an essay about the music production, story development, future plans, and how I might run out of development funds before the game is finished, but let’s save those epic yarns for another knitting party!

Until then, please feel free to grab the updated alpha demo (on your platform of choice) at Take care!