Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a quick update on the progress of the beta, Steam Greenlight plans, and pre-launch plans for Among the Innocent. Let’s get cracking!

The Beta. I wanted to release the beta on Monday the 1st of August, but Things Happened, as they tend to, and not everything was ready in time. This is actually a good thing, however, as it means Among the Innocent is improving in ways I didn’t expect! First off I’m still busy tidying up and finishing the content in the first “act” of the game – this is the content that will be in the beta, and will be sent first to a small group of testers for feedback, bug reports and all that fun stuff, and shortly after to press for hands-on previews. While I’m doing that, Richard Braum and I are working on the last couple of pieces of music for the game, including the intro piece. The intro itself will be a mix of text and illustrations, the latter of which will be done by Rhys Ap Gwyn, the talented South African Welshman from Beijing (who’s in France at the time of writing). Rhys was the illustrator on the introductory comic Darkness Follows (more on that just now) which I gave away physical copies of at rAge JHB 2015. Also happening at the same time, Duncan Bell has come on-board to sort out my rat’s nest of a user interface. Duncan is one of those elusive creators known as a “Designer”, which means he understands things like human interaction, appealing visuals, and some of the finer parts of game development that have clearly eluded me. In short, expect some very pretty UI in Among the Innocent.

Among the Innocent pre-beta

Steam Greenlight. I’ve paid the Greenlight listing fee and will be jumping onto that as soon as the beta is done. I want to make an updated trailer to show the game in its current state before I head to Greenlight. If things go even vaguely according to plan that’ll happen within the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry, I will definitely let everyone know when the time comes!

Pre-launch plans. The marketing engine has begun to tick over, and I’m chatting with the lovely people at rAge and their PR company The Lime Envelope to see about “boosting the signal” of Among the Innocent leading up to the launch at rAge Expo. That’s on the 7th of October, in case you missed my previous blog post. I also intend to release the comic Darkness Follows for free in digital format as part of that marketing drive – that’ll hopefully be sooner rather than later.

Still lots to do leading up to release, and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and massively excited all at once. There’s a fair share of real content still left for me to create, but the core stuff is all in place so now it’s just a couple of months of putting my nose to the grindstone and gettin’ it done.

I’m also playing with pillows

Peace out, and have a lovely day <3