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Rage against the deadline

At the time of writing there are exactly six days until the gaming expo rAge JHB 2015 starts, and that terrifies me. I’ll be showing an early (pre-alpha) demo of Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale there, and I thought I’d catch you up with the game’s progress and the state of the demo. The demo for Among the Innocent won’t be long: I’ve been told that demoing an adventure game is ludicrous as it is, so I’ve decided to keep it short, and do my best to take a “vertical slice” of the game and let you run around for as...

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No man is an island

Or “I really enjoy using cliches as headings”   Cliche as it may be (hah!), the idea of a man not being an island, and me indeed being a person with man parts, fits pretty well with my plan to turn game development into a career. When I began this journey a few months ago I had an idea to make a game. I would make a game. I felt from the start that I would need to be my own foundation for this project: I would need to be able to do everything – coding, art, writing, design, QA, music,...

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Let me tell you a story

Or, “why the hell should you care about Among the Innocent“. I prefer the second version, but I’ve been told that putting the word “hell” into the heading kills SEO ranking… gotta get those Internet points! If you’re reading this post then that means you want to know a little more about Among the Innocent, or you’ve been tricked into clicking on the link by nefarious sources. Either way, let’s chat. In my previous blog post, I mentioned that Among the Innocent is the first of five games, together called the Stricken series. I’ve been trying to figure out how much...

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What now?

  Hi, my name is Geoff, founder of Zero Degrees Games. Some folk in South Africa might know me as “GeometriX”, editor of the recently closed NAG magazine. When I joined NAG over seven years ago, I left a position as a 3D animator at a small studio to chase my dream of working in the games industry. I saw NAG as a stepping stone, but it turns out that games media is pretty fun, so I lingered on that stone for a long time, growing within and learning the South African and international games industry – media, developers, publishers, and of course, the players....

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