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Steam launch date set for Among the Innocent

Short and sweet update for today, gang. I’m very pleased to announce that Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale will be released on Steam on the 14th of February 2017, for Windows PC and Mac! The game is priced at $9.99 or R109 (or thereabouts for your local currency), and will be run with a 10% launch discount. I’ve been hard at work on the Steam integration process, as well as a large number of quality-of-life updates for Among the Innocent over the last few months. A changelog will be posted soon. I’ll ensure that the DRM-free Humble version is updated by the 14th, and make Mac version available on Humble. Those who pre-ordered or bought the physical game at rAge (and signed up for a Steam key) will be sent their Steam keys in the next few days. You’ll be able to redeem your key immediately and download the game on the 14th. If you bought the game at rAge but haven’t yet contacted us to apply for a Steam key (or done so at the show), please use the Contact Us form and send through a proof of purchase (a photo or scan of your receipt, ideally) to get your Steam...

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Among the Innocent post-launch: all the facts

It’s been about five weeks since I launched Among the Innocent at rAge JHB 2016, and I thought it’s beyond time for me to catch you all up on how things went, how things are going now, and where they’re headed in the near future. I intended to do something like this sooner, but I’ve been in a constant state of flux since the show. You can consider this a post-mortem to an extent, but more focused on the final stretch of the game, rather than the whole development process. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be lengthy,...

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Launch day!

Today marks a very special moment, Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale has been released. This is the end of 15 months of development work, art production, bug-fixing, technical frustrations, deployment woes, and more passion than I’ve ever poured into a project. Before I get onto other details, here’s what you need to know about getting the game… Initial release will be Windows 64-bit only, followed by Mac 64-bit and Windows 32-bit. The Linux release will follow in due time, but is not an immediate priority. Linux users, if you’d like to help me test the game, please get...

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Beta status and general progress report

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a quick update on the progress of the beta, Steam Greenlight plans, and pre-launch plans for Among the Innocent. Let’s get cracking! The Beta. I wanted to release the beta on Monday the 1st of August, but Things Happened, as they tend to, and not everything was ready in time. This is actually a good thing, however, as it means Among the Innocent is improving in ways I didn’t expect! First off I’m still busy tidying up and finishing the content in the first “act” of the game – this is the content that...

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A ton of updates

It’s time that I started making these blog posts super casual. As it turns out, making a game and marketing a game require two separate brains, so I’m just going to go ahead and stop treating these blog posts as “marketing” things and just… write. I guess seven years of games journalism has taught me to question every single thing that I put to paper, and place the quality of that writing at the forefront. So let’s get sloppy, shall we? The last time I posted was in May. Wow. A lot has happened, updated, and improved since then. Let’s run through a quick list for those who haven’t been glued to my Twitter account for the past three months: I’ve totally overhauled the lighting system. This means better quality lighting at an overall smaller performance hit. And that means Among the Innocent looks prettier and runs better than the last time you saw it. Updating the lighting system, and I felt inspired to share some outdoors screenshots of Among the Innocent. #GameDev — Geoff Burrows (@geometrix_za) June 15, 2016 I’ve segmented the game into three “acts”. They’re not acts in the purest sense, but they’re gateway points in the game through which you must pass to get to the next bunch of game content. There’s still an open world, and as an adventure game Among the Innocent encourages you to explore it at...

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