It’s been a busy few weeks for us in putting the final touches on the alpha demo, which has now been released! There are still a couple of bugs floating around, but they’re related to the save/load system so they’re not critical. At present, the demo is for 64-bit Windows PCs only. We’ll have a Mac and (very experimental) Linux build up soon, and as a part of that update those last few bugs will be ironed out. Or swatted, I suppose is more fitting. Ironing a bug seems like it’ll only make things worse.

Stricken-game-websiteWe also set up a website dedicated to Among the Innocent and all Stricken Tales going forth. This site you’re on right now is still the go-to place for dev updates and behind-the-scenes stuff, but I felt that it’s a little too much for some people who only want a straightforward breakdown of the game, and so – was born. It contains the new trailer, some screenshots and just the vital statistics on the game, as well as the pre-order store which has been moved there. If you want to help spread the word – tell your friends where to get info on Among the Innocent – then is the place to go.

Also, trailer! I admit that this is a little last-minute, and not quite up to the level of quality I’d like, but I sliced it together myself and, well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any video editing. Maybe I’ll get better. Maybe I’ll get worse, though, so let’s just see how it goes!

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the trailer, and please do download the alpha demo if you have the time to play it (it’s anywhere from 5-15 minutes long).